Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Party

This year Halloween was a blast. My mom and dad threw a big party with a mix of family and friends. Most everyone dressed up.

Jared was Dr. Seymour Busch, PHD, Melissa was a nun, Audrey was a bumble bee, and Izzy was a pea pod.

Audrey loved her Halloween costume I think mostly because of all the attention it brought her. This is the first year she could take part in judging the annual chili cook off. Grandma's was her favorite!

Izzy lasted about 10 minutes in her costume. She didn't particularly care for her first Halloween. She slept most of the night in her swing. At least she gave mom a break!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Energy Derived from Motherhood

Recently someone asked me if motherhood brings on energy you never knew you had. At the time I wasn't quite sure how to answer, but I quickly answered yes because I felt embarrassed that I never experienced it before. I have been extremely tired emotionally and physically and felt like I have been short changing both of my children.

Today I came to a realization, I am my own worst critic. I woke up with yet again little sleep, but in such a good mood because I was happy and proud to be apart of Izzy's and Audrey's life and to be able to take care of them. My imagination tends to get the better of me and I think of devastating situations; the 'what if'' game.

Circling back to my main point. Today is the first time I felt like I finally found my 'hidden' energy deep inside. It felt very rewarding. Hopefully I'll have more days like today!