Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Vasectomy Experience

Recently Jared and I decided that we did not want any more kids. We have been going back and forth wondering if we should try for another in later years, but decided against it once we traveled to Wisconsin for Thanksgiving. The travel was hard enough with well behaved children we couldn't imagine if they acted up and REALLY couldn't imagine a third in tow.

December 22 was the scheduled day for Jared's vasectomy. He hinted to me that he would like me in the room with him and I casually dodged the question each time it was brought up. Deep down I thought the doctor would not let me in the room and how odd it would be if I was. The day came and it turned out that the doc didn't mind if I was in the room. So off I went.

**caution do not read on if you are offended easily**

Jared was really nervous (rightfully so). The doc prescribed him a few Valium to try to relax him. I think the Valium did the trick because he was chatty Kathy during the entire procedure. Lets back up a bit.... This is the experience from my perspective.

The nurse took us back to the operating room and instructed Jared to strip from the waste down. For those of you who know Jared he is not one to be shy about anatomy, in fact he has probably streaked more times than I care to count. So he began to undress and was showing off his shave job to me so proud like. He shaved EVERYTHING! The doc came in and started telling us what to expect and how long the procedure would last. He undraped Jared and exposed his precious jewels. This part of the procedure was the most uncomfortable for me because it was weird to see another man touching Jared's stuff. The experience was disturbing for me even though it was a medical procedure. Watching him rub the iodine all over this area very thoroughly was uncomfortable. Once this part was over it was smooth sailing (for me).

I expected a lot of blood, but honestly there wasn't that much. Watching the doc insert the needle to numb this area was painful for Jared, but I tried to keep our conversation up so he had the chance to think of something else other than the obvious. The incision (hole) was small and the actual tube looked like a small piece of spaghetti noodle about a 1/4 of an inch long. The entire procedure lasted about 45 minutes.

Jared is expected to make a full recovery and bounce back hornier than ever I'm sure!