Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Movie Theatre Popcorn

Who doesn't like movie theatre popcorn? Every once in a while Jared will ask me to go to the movie theatre to see a new release. He'll ask me what movie I want to see and in all honestly I don't care as long as I get my popcorn. There is nothing better than movie theatre popcorn and an extra large coke!

I love it enough that when I watch a movie at home I make a point to go to the movie theatre to buy popcorn with butter and occasionally the white cheddar topping. In fact I did this over the weekend, Sunday. I waited until 1:30 pm and I'm glad I held out as long as I did because they were closed. Apparently they don't open until 20 minutes before the first showing.... who knew!I had to ask the ticket lady if I could come in and buy popcorn!

I used to be embarrassed going and just buying popcorn and no movie, but now I don't care - it's just my thing I do.

Who's a lover of movie theatre popcorn!


  1. You're my hero...I love movie theatre popcorn! Just don't Alex this trick, she loves it even more...

  2. haha! In college my boyfriend used to bring it to me if I was pissed at him. He said it was his "ace in the whole" because he knew how much I LOVE it...I buy it without the movie sometimes too!