Thursday, November 20, 2008

Birthday Celebration!

Jared's birthday was last Wednesday (Nov. 19) and we went out to dinner and drinks with our close friends and family. It wasn't a formal celebration, just a last minute get together with those who could make it.

Mom and Dad, Mike D., Marne & Paul, John & his date Wanda. We all met at The Elks. I know, I know nothing classy, but that's kind of our place to hang out with friends. We have a lot of memories there.

This was the first time I had truly gone out since Audrey was born. I had a few drinks and actually had a good time. Normally I stress about the nightly feedings and early morning wake ups! I guess there is something to say about good company.

Thanks for all that came. You made it a great night for both Jared and me!

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