Sunday, November 23, 2008

Target's Return Policy is Ubsurd!

I love shopping at target. The store always has things I want to buy; baby clothes, baby toys, nick knacks for the house, etc...

Since I have had to return a baby monitor that was given to me as a gift I have decided I am boycotting this store until they change their policy. By the time I was finished with the "customer service agent' I was so angry I almost told her where the sun doesn't shine.

This is how it started. I walked up to the counter and explained nicely that I already have a monitor and would like to return this item for store credit. She 'nicely' explained to me that if I didn't have a receipt there was nothing she could do because it had been so long since the original purchase and my baby registry expired so there wasn't proof that it was bought from Target.

While this girl was explaining this to me all I could think about was that if I went to Walmart they would exchange it with almost no questions. That is customer service. It's not that I was asking for a full cash refund, only a store credit. This girl would not budge and the line behind me was growing longer and longer.

I was so mad by the time I left I vowed not to ever shop at Target again. Until I hear that they have changed their return policy I am not a Target consumer.


  1. That's very absurd. I don't recall them being that draconian. I guess it's off to Wal-Mart from now on.

  2. I gave in and shopped at Target over the weekend for a few Christmas gifts. The guilt is overwhelming.